Today we will present one of our most famous psychics, Richard Coulson. This incredible man has had an equally incredible life, but could not deny all his life that he has a rare and unique psychic talent that many other people lack. It is also a story how a psychic talent cannot remain hidden for too long and how a psychic talent will always find a way to reemerge and shows itself whether you would want it or not.


People who are blessed with such a rare talent, such as Richard Coulson feel impelled to help people with their psychic talent and do psychic readings for everyone who is interested in finding out more about any area of their life in the past, present or future.

Early Childhood

From the earliest childhood, Richard Coulson could remember strange occurrences, but other than that, he would describe his childhood as a happy one. Born and raised in Maryland, he was very close with his maternal grandmother, for whom he believes also had some sort of psychic abilities.

He was the first in his family to talk about his psychic abilities and do psychic readings openly.

First Experiences Of Insightfulness

The first experience that confirmed his psychic abilities Richard Coulson had at the age of 17. His parents should have gone on a very far journey and they already booked plane tickets, when Richard had a peculiar feeling that could only be explained as a premonition. He urged his parents to delay the plane and in fact it was a very good thing that they listened to him, as said plane crashed just a couple of hours later. To this day, he says that his parents gave him life, but in return he gave them their lives back as well.

Many Satisfied Clients

Not to single out a specific occurrence, but many satisfied clients also speak of the psychic abilities that Richard Coulson has. The satisfied clients of this famous psychic reader live all around the globe and get in touch with him over the phone, video interviews and many other media.


He is always there for his clients and always prepared to do a psychic reading even when he is feeling exhausted. This is just one of the reasons why he has so many clients and why they always come back to him.

Tips For Developing Your Spiritual Awareness

Richard Coulson found very early on that he had psychic abilities, but he says himself that if he had not invested time into developing his spiritual awareness, he would not have come to the level of psychic awareness that he has today. If you are interested in some tips for developing your psychic abilities, Richard Coulson says that what you should most definitely do is read Tarot cards, meditate and try to open your chakras and your inner eye. If you are interested in learning more about these techniques, not to worry – we will cover all of them on our blog!